UB Solutions will continue unleashing brilliant solutions that will innovate and surprise the world with a feature that delivers huge benefits and provides innovative products and experiences that deliver life changing benefits.

Our Products

UB Solutions products blend superior patented technology and intelligent ergonomics with contemporary design, enabling mind relief in any environment. Designed by an experienced team of expert designers and engineers in cooperation with the researchers, our products empower people to enjoy greater lifestyle and vitality in their professions, pursuits and everyday lives.

Our Technology

UB Solutions invites you to a dream world that will greatly enhance your lifestyle. “U-WiFi Internet Kiosk” is designed to assist indoor venue operators extension of their service by providing their visitors an immediate Wi-Fi hotspot service with innovative feature of Tap & Connect feature. By introducing several new functions, a first in the industry, we have succeeded in pushing forward great solutions and highly advance technologies.

About Us


UB Solutions was formed by a group of professionals with more than 20 years of experiences in promotion harmony and balance between human beings and Mother Nature. With headquarters located in Kuala Lumpur, our dedicated team, simple order method, efficient distribution, and effective market plan, we help our customers and distributors to achieve a harmonious and successful life.

We design, manufacture and import a variety of high quality products to value add lifestyles and comfort based on the combined theory of initial business setup, business expansion and financial growth. Our vending products are created to put the power back in your hands by taking advantage of the unique remote / home-based business opportunity.

We have the most comprehensive product that value add premium customer satisfaction and to build up more satisfied and happy customers. We are the key player of business acceleration to our network of partners to create and integrate coordinated entrepreneurship service. We have been helping innovation entrepreneurs to develop the opportunities they need to move successfully into the domestic and global marketplace.

Our goals are to continue on satisfying our customer’s need with providing excellent service, so we can be the best company in the industries.

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