Beverage Vending Kiosk

We are the drinks experts

We offer over 40 drinks covering every category of Hot beverages with 24 types and 16 types of Cold beverages range and over 42 drinks of Bottled & Canned beverages ranging from 25, 30, 36 and 42 varieties to make sure that your customers get the best possible breaks. Different customers need different drinks at different times in the day, and no other drinks system offers such choice. Give customers the right balance and you will increase satisfaction, productivity and goodwill.

A perfect menu for you

UBS deliver variety of drinks for every occasion. Where ever your location, budget or mix of customers, there’s a perfect drinks vending menu for every one of them. We’ve invested in extensive research into modern tastes, trends and drinking patterns and used this understanding to devise the best balance of drinks for your UBS Beverage Vending Kiosk.

We start with the most popular ‘must haves’

There are essential hot drinks that research, experience and customer feedback confirm you simply have to offer, plus the all important water.

Then tailor to your needs

We know which drinks will fit your workplace and we will work with you to build your perfect drinks menu. All this means your drinks selection is in expert hands. Your local UBS representative will help to ensure you get the right drinks menu. With the ability to profile the optimums range of the best drinks – delivering precisely the right mix for your customers.