Technical Support

UBS Technical Support crew stands behind any service or product we sell. This is the reason that we are always up to the challenge. Whether you are having bill jamming issues, need calibration services, had vandalism, or simply need a second opinion on the diagnosis on an ongoing issue… then we can help. Our Technical Support crew is responsible and experienced Engineers and Technicians.

Here are some of the tricky problems we can help you quickly and accurately.

  • bill jamming / bill reader failure?
  • strange sounds coming from the machine?
  • extremely high levels of product jamming?
  • machine completely non responsive?
  • recently replaced circuit board and burning out?
  • drinks dispense punctured?
  • a possible breach of machine security?
  • coin jamming?
  • dispensing incorrect change?
  • motor problems that seem impossible to fix?
  • cooling unit failures?
  • bill or coin communication issues?
  • software problems (freezes / resetting)?
  • non responsive bin selections?
  • partial turning bin selections?
  • locked out the machine
  • preventative techniques?
  • all motors spin simultaneously?
  • sales transactions are not being recorded accurately via e-payment systems?

If any of these issues sound familiar, then you may want to give us a call. We offer straight forward technical consulting services. We do not minimize serious problems that you may be experiencing with your machine; we get you on the right track in getting a fruitful solution.

Give us a call to get our Technical Support crew to your location. You would be surprised what issues can be fixed with the right combination of knowledge, technique and communication.