Wifi Vending Kiosk

The U-WiFi Internet Kiosk is a fee-registration Wi-Fi solution designed to help all indoor venue owners (e.g. coffee shops, retail stores, chain shops) provide their visitors an immediate Wi-Fi hotspot service, by connecting with 3G networks.

The device is plug-&-play and easy to install. The owner can define the Wi-Fi internet service charge and manage accounts via webpage.

The end user just needs to tap the phone on the scan area of device enable Wi-Fi connection on his/her mobile phone (or other Wi-Fi-enabled device like tablet/laptop), connect the hotspot of U-WiFi Internet Kiosk, and then the end user can take back the phone and insert coins to buy the Wi-Fi internet service. The mobile phone can access internet without login with username or password. When the paid time or free time elapses, internet access is automatically disconnected and the account is stopped.

Product Highlights

  • No inquiry, no username and no password is required; just tap the phone, insert coins and get Wi-Fi;
  • No need for supervision. Self-service working method to save labour cost;
  • Excellent coin-learning ability to recognize your local coins and discriminate fake coins;
  • Modular structure makes maintenance easy;
  • Constructed of durable ABS plastics / metal
  • Can be wall, desktop mounted or stand type;
  • Support roaming between chain stores with the same account;
  • Support automatic failover between 3G network and RJ45 connection;
  • Professional coin passage design to prevent coin stolen or fraud;
  • Provides user-friendly login page for end users to access internet;
  • Provides real-time information of online duration and traffic to ensure and user’s benefits;
  • Support online metering feature to protect operator’s benefits;
  • Complete AAA (authentication, authorization, and accounting);
  • Support acquiring account/ password info on e-shops;
  • Offer web-based Network Management System (NMS) to manage online device and provide exportable statistics reports;
  • Marketing cooperation includes customizable portal page, login pages and information window.